Apollo 2.0 XL

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Taking inspiration from the original, the Apollo 2.0 XL uses 70% less water and produces 35% less Co2 emissions in production. Elevated in animal free non-solvent microfiber and featuring the all-new Dynalite™ outsole for increased rebound, the Apollo 2.0 features lazer cut perforations for breathability.


  • Non-solvent microfiber
  • No-sew detail
  • Elastilite Insole
  • Dynalite Midsole
  • Ultralite rubber outsole
  • Laser perforations
Apollo 2.0 XL


Slip On
Future Fiber
Mondolite Weight
Material Type: Tirrenina

What isTirrenina?

Animal free Tirrenina™ microfibre leather is designed to look, feel and break in more like leather on a cellular level. It uses a solvent free production method that uses 70% less water and produces 35% less C02 emissions.