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The Treklite Collection

Native Shoes Treklite Whytecliff Park

We meet our budding voyagers—bright-eyed and keen on their quest—as they embark on an expedition to test the weightlessness of their soles and audacity of their spirits. With a telescope in hand and all-new Treklite Collection on feet, our terrain-conquering twosome sets off on a seaside stride along the beach, the boulders, and the bluffs.

Armed with Defender Repellent Systems with Scotchgard™, the Treklite Collection is made up of a powerhouse pair. Evolving from one of our original all-stars, the Fitzsimmons Treklite shares the silhouette of its predecessor, adding a ripstop nylon backing for added water resistance, a rugged ultra-lite rubber outsole for grip, and a soft microfleece lining for maximum warmth.

Our newest style, the Johnny Treklite, is an unbiasedly bold boot composed of a coated PU upper with ripstop nylon detailing, a compression EVA midsole, Super foam insole, and the same microfleece lining as its partner for assured coziness.

Native Shoes Johnny Treklite in Bone White

Their mission is heavy but the mood is light. We bid our explorers the best as they continue their campaign and discover that defying gravity takes grit.

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Native Shoes Fitzsimmons Treklite in Dublin Grey and Johnny Treklite in Bone White

Native Shoes Fitzsimmons Treklite in Shell White

Native Shoes Johnny Treklite in Jiffy Black