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The tightknit crew

Wearing liteknit sneakers

Liteknit sneakers on foot and friend on arm, three companions stand together for self expression.

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This group of friends is driven by community purpose. With a shared passion for entrepreneurship they each drive their own ventures: Anita (Auntie to 19 month old Aliyana) promotes mental health, self care and connection through her online meditation community In Bed with Betty, while Kaya advances sustainability through her own locally-produced clothing label NOVEL SUPPLY CO. Native Shoes met Jessie when they hosted an inclusion facilitation session through their community consulting business KITH+common, which offers inclusion consulting services to organizations to create space and visibility for all people to come as they are.

Together, they are sustained by connection and conversation – shared meals, outdoor adventures and time spent IRL in an increasingly digital world. Passionate about fostering a culture of inclusion, this dynamic family of friends celebrates the unique lived experiences among them.

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