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Cornell CT


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Regular Price: $45.00

Special Price $22.00

Regular Price: $45.00

Special Price $22.00


Voted primary class president for a reason, meet our collegiate new style, the Cornell. A student of your soles, its debossed and perforated brushed fiber with a swift velcro closure will have you graduating grade school in no time. A dual-color midsole adds prep to your step, while an ultra-lite rubber outsole stabilizes each stride.

Keep It Lite



  • Beast Free PU Upper
  • Lycra Lining
  • EVA Insole
  • Ultra Lite Rubber Outsole
Cornell CT


  • Beast Free
  • Mondolite Weight
  • Shock Absorbent

100% Beast Free

Native Shoes exists to create happiness and enliten lives, one Beast Free step at a time.

Beast Free means not a hair nor hide on any animal, anywhere, has been used in the creation of our product.