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Monte Carlo Denim


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Our low-cut wonder, held in high regard. Built on a single-piece EVA cup outsole for familiar comfort, we brought in two materialities for the Monte Carlo this season: a coated perforated microber and an acid washed denim. With our Superfoam insole nestled in both iterations, get used to the Monte Carlo — it’s here to stay.

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  • Coated Microfiber Upper
  • Acid Washed Denim Upper (Denim)
  • Laser Perforations, No-Sew Accents
  • Single Piece EVA Cup Outsole
  • Superfoam Perforated Insole
Monte Carlo Denim


  • Beast Free
  • Hand Washable
  • Mondolite Weight

100% Beast Free

Native Shoes exists to create happiness and enliten lives, one Beast Free step at a time.

Beast Free means not a hair nor hide on any animal, anywhere, has been used in the creation of our product.