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Treklite Camo
Boot Collection

A new print available exclusively on nativeshoes.com

Fall / Winter 2017

Adults Exclusive


Give your skip that extra grip! Available exclusively on nativeshoes.com in a limited-edition capsule, the Treklite boot collection is stomping into the scene with a fresh camouflage print. Arriving on the front lines for Fall 2017, Treklite features two mondo lightweight yet sturdy silhouettes: the Fitzsimmons and Johnny. Drawing inspiration from classic combat and hiker styles, both boots are made up of our ultra-lite outsoles for a trusted tread and coated with Defender Repellent Systems with Scotchgard™ to protect against precipitation. Gear up in this exclusive new print.

Person with ripped jeans wearing classic hiking boots with camo print and black laces

The Fitzsimmons Treklite

With the introduction of the Fitzsimmons Treklite, it’s time to get a grip and take on the tundra with some serious tread. Firmly fasten your foot inside its soft faux-shearling lining, brushed fiber collar and tongue, and ultra-lite rubber outsole. With the Defender Repellent Systems with Scotchgard™ and ripstop nylon with PU backing, consider yourself conditioned for whatever comes next.

The Johnny Treklite

One half of our new terrain-conquering tribe, the Johnny Treklite is making lateral leaps towards expeditions both earthbound and beyond. With a composition of coated PU upper with ripstop nylon detailing, a compression EVA midsole, and soft faux-shearling lining — the treatments didn’t stop there. We went ahead and gave this boot the Defender Repellent Systems with Scotchgard™ to forestall the impending forecast.

Person standing in sand wearing combat boots with black toe and soles.