Shiva Shabani brings coveted design to kids


A series in which we show up to the studios and workspaces of our favorite creatives to discuss their cultural contributions in style, art, and design. Shiva wears the Jefferson 2.0 Liteknit in Shell White: a new Future Classic slip-on made from a foot-forming, breathable knit.

Shiva Shabani wears the Native Shoes Jefferson 2.0 on a stool in her studio for Sons and Daughters eyewear.

By approaching eyewear as an essential extension of each individual rather than an added accessory, Shiva Shabani has built a label on premium construction, the highest-grade protection, and nontraditional shape; which has garnered a client base of some of the biggest celebrity surnames (think Carter, West, and Curry). The only distinction between Sons + Daughters and their more mature contemporary counterparts is that they are designed for faces 12 years old and younger. Influenced by the hustle of Hong Kong, laid-back nature of Vancouver, and historic cultures of New York and Paris, Shabani has provided a refreshing elevation to a typically juvenile category.

On starting a design-focused brand solely for kids:

First came the realization that there was a need in the market for considered and design oriented eyewear for kids. It was undeniable that the industry had dismissed the category and it was so underserved. Above all I was very inspired by the idea of being an adult versus a child and the contradictions between seriousness and playfulness. We wanted to create something that spoke to multiple generations with a platform to be creative, while growing a sustainable and scalable business.

Waist down sitting on a stool wearing denim and The Jefferson 2.0 Liteknit low in white.
Shiva Shabani wears heart-shaped glasses in her studio.

On balancing product function with playful design:

Our product goes beyond the accessory category in that eyewear is a necessity and has a functional purpose. It’s essential to make our product from quality materials, from our acetate and the hinges that we use all the way to the lenses. We’ve made sure that our lenses are of the highest quality, rather than the cheap kind that are often used in kids eyewear. Sons + Daughters is imaginative and curious, and we’re continuously celebrating individuality by focusing on empowering the end customer — which at the moment is the 4-12 year old.

On making a simple accessory stand out as a coveted design object:

We want to educate customers — from parents to the kids themselves — on the carefully considered design aspects of the product. When you create something that’s thoughtful and not disposable, people can really feel it. Even a four year old knows that they are wearing something special. We also put a lot of focus into the brand experience through packaging, presentation, and our campaigns. We have a very personal relationship with our customers and are so grateful for our fan base; they are the ones who bring this brand to life.

Shiva Shabani wears sunglasses and the Native Shoes Jefferson 2.0 low on a stool in her studio for Sons and Daughters eyewear.

On designing with Sons + Daughters co-founder, Calvin Yu:

Our creative process is very fluid and intuitive. We design individually as each of us finds inspiration in so many different elements, whether it be people, architecture, music, or art. We’re both very instinctive people and do our best to avoid looking directly at trends in fashion. Most importantly, we try to design thoughtfully with the purpose of making people smile and feel good.

On building a strong following (which includes names like Blue Ivy, Riley Curry, and North West):

Our idea is to make kids feel like they have the power to express themselves and change the world for the better each day. This comes down to designing eyewear that goes beyond being just a product. We want each piece to have soul and feeling, while maintaining the best quality.

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Shiva Shabani smiles leaning against a window wearing sunglasses.
The Jefferson 2.0 Liteknit low on a blue chair.