The Remix Project

The Remix Project by Native Shoes recycled shoe material

The Remix Project, our first initiative on this journey, recycles your well-loved Native Shoes by giving them new life in projects across the community.

How does The Remix Project work?

The unique composition of Native Shoes can be reground into versatile material that is useful in the creation of seating, playground flooring, insulation and more. Leveraging a proprietary regrind process, we are able to break down the materials found in every style of Native Shoes including sandals, slip-ons, knit sneakers and boots. From that point – there’s no telling where your soles could turn up!

Our Goal by December 31st 2019: 30,000 Shoes Recycled

We champion the tiny activists among us who commit themselves to taking small steps toward positive change. We’re excited to announce that our first project is providing matting for new playgrounds in our local communities. Help us create a better world one tiny step at a time by recycling your shoes and supporting our goal of collecting 30,000 shoes by the end of the year!

Where can I recycle my Native Shoes?

We have partnered with Zappos for Good where you can return your Native Shoes for free. We are also collecting well worn Native Shoes at the following locations:

Worn out Native Shoes collected for The Remix Project by Native Shoes