Tread Litely

Two kids are sitting on a grass field wearing the Native Shoes Mercury Liteknit and the Jefferson in star print. One kid holds a globe.


All our products are Beast Free, meaning no animal products have been used at any stage of the manufacturing process. The carbon footprint of a Beast Free shoe is about 300% less than that of a leather shoe, and we use about 90% less water per pair in our production!

Three kids holding hands walk on a grass field.


The Jefferson 2.0 is knitted entirely to shape, meaning that no fabrication waste is created throughout the production process. Unlike other knit footwear, our 3D knitting technology eliminates the need to cut material from a pattern, instead weaving a one-piece wonder every time.

Classic black high top Native Shoes knit sneakers which are slip-on for men and women


The Jefferson 2.0 features our new Elastilite insole, built on a foundation of recycled EVA. By repurposing our most commonly used material, we’ve lightened the impact of our manufacturing process.

Pile of sneaker insoles made with sustainable recycled fibres