The Roots of Kindness

Asha Wheeldon is an afro-vegan chef making an impact one plate at a time.

Since moving to the west coast by way of Toronto four years ago, Kenyan-native Asha Wheeldon has found a wealth in wellness from the ways she chooses to eat. Her company, Kula Foods, dishes out afrocentric vegan food and advocates a holistic approach to a diet using natural whole foods and a spicier palette inspired by East African tastes.

“I think I am an activist through food, I’m an activist through connecting people, and really getting people together.”

Her leafy, plant based menu is the foundation, but is in fact secondary to her mission of bringing communities together with her cooking. She treats her food as the vehicle to connect people, and in the process accomplishes two things at once: she provides sustenance through healthy eating and makes rippling impact on the planet, each plate at a time. At the core, Asha’s kindness is manifested everyday in offering more mindful choices to how we can consume.

Kula Foods is not a big, extravagant kitchen operation but rather an intimately-run, organic project by Asha and her close-knit team. This familial flavour resonates through the business, and speaking to her reveals her conviction in passing on this plant-forward message on to future generations.

“There’s nothing more loving than feeding someone.”

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